It has come to our attention that there is an imposter attempting to deceive users by creating a fake social media page and phishing site using the Jobdirumah brand name. We want to emphasize that the ONLY official Jobdirumah platform is accessible at

πŸ” How to identify the scam:

  1. Official Website: Always ensure you are on the official Jobdirumah website by checking the URL, which should be Be cautious of any variations or suspicious domains.
  2. Trustpilot Reviews: Legitimate reviews for Jobdirumah can only be found on our official Trustpilot page at Be wary of reviews on other platforms.
  3. Social Media Presence: Our official social media accounts are linked on the official website. Double-check account handles and look for the blue verification badge.

🚫 Report Scam Activity:

If you come across any suspicious social media accounts, phishing sites, or fraudulent activities, please report them immediately. Help us protect the Jobdirumah community by reporting scams to [email protected].

Stay vigilant and only engage with Jobdirumah through the official channels mentioned above.


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